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​Pure ​Body Polish​

A deep moisturizing sugar scrub combined with

Pure coconut milk & honey, gently buff, polish,

and unclog pores. This is topped with coconut

milk & honey body butter.$95

Swedish Massage 60/90 min


Swedish Relaxing massage

The most widely practiced technique, the Swedish Massage uses slow, continuing strokes to manipulate the body's soft tissue for the purpose of healing and relaxation.

Benefits of Swedish Massage;

-Increased flexibility

-Reduced muscle and joint stiffness

-Relief of insomnia

-Reduced stress and anxiety

Pregnancy Massage 60/90 min $85/$115​

Tailored specifically to soothe the physical and emotional strains of the woman's changing body, the Pregnancy Massage is designed to help ease the symptoms expectant mothers face.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

 -Reduction of anxiety

 -Natural Pain Relief

 -Relief of insomnia

 -Aids in stretch mark prevention

 -Reduction of labor pain intensity

Aromatherapy 60/90 min $80/$115

Aromatherapy is used with Swedish Massage and is a healthful and relaxing experience. With essential oil blends to relax the body and mind you'll feel like you're in heaven.

Benefits of Aromatherapy:

-Relief of stress

-Relief of sinus congestion

-Improved sense of relaxation

Deep Tissue 60/90 min $85/$125

A variation of the Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage uses deeper pressure to unwind muscles prone to tension and strain.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage;

- Natural pain relief

- Improved posture

- Headache reduction

- Increased range of motion

 - Increased blood flow

Medical Massage 60/90 min $85/$125

Incorporating a variety of techniques, Medical Massage uses therapies for those who have experienced muscle trauma and are in need of rehabilitation.

Benefits of this style include;

-Improved range of motion

-Reduced local inflammation

-Chronic pain relief

-Nerve decompression

-Reduction of keloid scar formation

Chair Massage 20min for $20

Foot Massage 30min For $45 

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