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There is nothing more uplifting than a beautifying and renewing facial treatment. Men and women of all ages can benefit from regular facials to help preserve a youthful, healthy glow. Our technicians will examine and analyze your skin, and help recommend the proper treatments and facial products. Rejuvenation uses the exclusive line of Repechage products in all of our facials.

       Facial Treatments

 European Facial

 All the rage in Europe, this deep-cleansing facial leaves your skin feeling totally refreshed and revived. The Machine European facial uses warm steam, brushes, suction and light spray to deeply and gently cleanse your pores and remove dead skin cells. And a facial massage gives you the ultimate in relaxation. You’ll enjoy the beautiful glow from this facial for days to come. $75

 Acne Facial

Your prescription to clean, clear & healthy skin. This pure and refining treatment allows cleansing deep down while soothing and healing lesions, leaving skin with renewed freshness and purity. A second chance to look your best. $75

Express​ Lift Facial​

For the busy woman on the go, this deluxe express facial is the perfect fit. Your skin will be gently cleansed, analyzed and treated with the proper moisturizers and exfoliators all in 45 minutes. You’ll feel revived and refreshed after treating yourself to something special, and you can fit it in on your lunch hour!$75

Peel Prices

For a more youthful look without surgery, try a Rejuvenations’ Peels to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new skin cells. It tightens the skin, reduces wrinkling, and revives your skin to restore a more youthful appearance.

Mango-Bright Peel


Glyco- Bright Peel


Lacti- Bright Peel


Power pumpkin peel


Salicylic Peel


Lactic & Glycolic Peel


Vitamin C Peel




Holiday  Peel


Grape wine Peel


TCA Peel 

 Intended to improve sun damage, uneven tone or wrinkles, this peel remove the top layers of your skin to make way for healthier, radiant skin. $150

Anti -Aging Facial

Reveal smoother, vibrant, younger-looking skin with this sublime treatment

for fine lines and wrinkles. Appropriate for all skin types, concentrated glycolic acid provides maximum exfoliation, while a unique patented blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and hydrators dramatically improve the skin's texture, tone and appearance.$75

Signature Facial​​

Every aspect of this facial is tailored to your specific needs. Includes an analysis of the skin, deep cleansing, a calming mask, an intense lavender massage of the scalp, nourishing eye treatment, and lip booster. $75

Pure  Body Polish​

            A deep moisturizing sugar scrub combined with Pure coconut milk & honey, gently buff, polish, and unclog pores. This is topped with coconut milk & honey body butter.$95

​Back Treatment​

This treatment target the most neglected part of the body the back. Using Facial products, customized to accommodate each skin type including acne . we will cleanse, exfoliate, tone, Skin analysis, soothing Hot towels and massage.


Energizing Men's Facial

Design to keep men's skin vibrant, this cleansing facial will target skin impurities while caring for facial sensitivity and hydration. soothing hot towels and facial massage to complete the sensor experience. $75       

Hydro Facial

Hydro Facial treatment is a non- invasive, multi- step procedure that combines Resurfacing, purifying, infusion and nourishing treatments. Remove dead skin while bathing new skin with purifying serums, creating immediate renewal.Pain free, Benefits of water jet Oxygen peel Treatment Deep facial cleansing Acne treatment Water dermabrasion Deep hydration Infusion of nourishments / vitamins/ hyaluronic acid 

( lifting)Lymph drainage Skin rejuvenation : smoothing smaller wrinkles , toning down the spots Increase Collagen Level Effortless & Painless extraction 

Non- irritating & hydrating ingredients for long-lasting hydration on all skin types.

30 min $75

60 min $125

90 min $175

 FluorOxygen+ C Facial repair Sun damage

A triplex acting formulation that reverses the signs of sun damage, and post acne damage that results in hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the face, neck and decollete. Retinol Salicylic, Glycolic, Lactic and Kojic acids

perfectly balanced with Vitamins C, and bearberry extract

lighten and eliminate discloration, even skin tone and reduce

 UV induced pigmentation. $85

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